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How to get start learning to make Extension (Plugin)
New to Learning Ruby for SketchUp
SU Ruby Course Request
Accuracy and return values from inputbox when default value is a length
How to save positions of toolbars?
How to write ruby script
A point belongs to which side of face
How to assign a value to a face
Quotation marks in Html - Id(variable) - working in Sketchup Ruby Code Editor
Html dialog box to set and get information
Custom toolbar
Add Materials to DWG imported layers (groups and instances)
Newbie: face destroyed after transformation ?!?!?
Somebody help me to make simple plugin for this code
DXF Export for CNC
Explode and Re-Group/Component objects imported from a 3D STEP (.stp) file
Error trapping in `inputbox` for invalid lengths entered as text - example code doesn't seem to work for me
How to group groups
SketchUp Trim Extension
Stop API calls from creating duplicate Materials
Iterate Over Existing Dimensions
SU2020 WebDialogs Javascript Problems
The problem of ruby load c dll. editor says :'unknown symbol'
Need guidance on surface area script
Batch create materials from directory of files
Extracting Face Areas based on Layers in model groups
How do I make my Ruby script extension compliant?
Video Tutorials for combined Ruby & sketchup API
Are there documented rules for creating/joining geometry via ruby script?
[code] undoable place_component() "MoveTool" clone
I get the following code, after running, we can see that the time is changing with the timeline, but how should this change of time be used?
API Ruby ....face me
Way to check if HtmlDialog open?
Structuring extension folders for multiple source files and including some premade Components for my extension
Find the size and coordinates of the group
Create Section Plane Programmatically?
Import CSV or Excel Data into SketchUp
How to get HttpOnly cookies from the sketchup plugin browser in ruby api
Sketchup ruby
Help - turning inches into centimeters with Api Ruby Language
How do I create a face from edge objects?
Script to randomly move sandbox TIN vertices?
Api sketchup
Ruby ruby roo
Add dimensions in sketchup using ruby
How to use SketchUp Ruby C/C++ Extension Expenses
How to get in Ruby the list of templates
How to add .so files to ruby ffi
GLTF Exporter
Import CSV or Excel Data into SketchUp
Create a window in a wall
Attribute creation
Apply material to all nested or non-nested instances that have the dynamic attribute "x" in the selection
Object highlighting under the cursor like in Joint Push Pull
Could SketchUp popup a bubble/window/datasheet through any function
I am trying to figure out how to place a component with a button press
Apply material to all nested or non-nested instances that have the dynamic attribute "x" in the selection
Excel to Sketchup
SketchUp Ruby coding a dialog
Alternative to get_element_value method for HtmlDialog
Programacion de Extensiones
Programación de extensiones sketchup
Learning to make a plugin/extension
Why Sketchup crashes when cancel Class: Sketchup::Http::Request
Learning Ruby for SketchUp
Why is variable undefined
Import PNG Image
MOving objects and sticky connections between them-can it be done with Ruby?
Unable to load component to the file from installed folder
Copy and move group several times to make a polyhedron
Books or Tutorials on Ruby Programming and Dynamic components
SU development workflow / environment
SU development workflow / environment
Problem changing materials inside frame_change_observer
Count and manipulate groups nested in a component
2020: The Year in Review
Is it possible to create a cube without models/components
Dynamic Components conflicting with modified versions when imported - code workaround
How to make a professional looking UI?
How make interactive input type WebDialog and sketchup commands?
Namespace in Multiple .rb Files
What should i learn to be sketchup developer
Component in a component
Creating a box with attribute from an excel file

:notebook: PRIMERS & GUIDES

(A list of primers and introductory guides for learning Ruby.)

Ruby Language Primers for v 2.0.0 - SketchUp 2014 ... 2016

Ruby Language Primers for v 2.2.4 - SketchUp 2017 & 2018

Ruby Language Primers for v 2.5.1 - SketchUp 2019.0 & 2019.1

Ruby Language Primers for v 2.5.5 - SketchUp 2019.2+

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:books: BOOKS

(A list of full books for learning Ruby.)

~ Ruby Generic ~




~ SketchUp Specific ~




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:mortar_board: TUTORIALS

(A list of tutorials for learning Ruby.)

~ Ruby Generic ~

~ SketchUp Specific ~

Ruby Tutorials at SketchUcation Forums

“Edges to Rubies” is Outdated and No Longer Recommended !

Too many errors and poor programming practices promoted.

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:card_box: REFERENCE

(A list of technical references for Ruby.)

~ Ruby Generic ~

~ SketchUp Specific ~

* Also see IDEAS section for specific ideas and helpers by class and category.

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:clipboard: TEMPLATES

(A list of templates for programming SketchUp extensions and plugins.)

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:newspaper: NEWS & BLOGS

(Newsy or interesting happenings with Ruby and SketchUp.)

~ Ruby Generic ~

~ SketchUp Ruby Specific ~

~ SketchUp General ~

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:bulb: IDEAS

(Ideas for doing nifty things with Ruby and SketchUp.)

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Good morning, Mr. DanRathbun. I can propose to the French-speaking sketchup community, a version translated by me, in French, of the document Automatic SketchUp Creating 3-D Models in Ruby by Matthew Scarpino. I can also, with the author’s consent, update this document. I’m listening