Resources Pin?


What’s your opinion on a SketchUp resources pin similar to the Ruby Learning Resources Pin? It might help people learn SketchUp. Perhaps the topic could have a “SketchUp training series” playlist, how to solve clipping plane errors, and some other useful resources. Maybe a SketchUp Sage or SketchUp staff could construct a resources topic to help all of us?

Ruby Learning Resources Pin:



@Forestr - what’s the Ruby Learning Resources Pin? I’m relatively new to the SU forums. Thx.


Well, I made the Ruby Learning Resources thread, and also two other specific Resources threads …
one in the Dynamic Components category, and the other I think in the Technical Problems category that collected links to Hardware information / issues for SketchUp.

But that said, … this whole web domain is a SketchUp learning resource center.

The portal is here:

… and these forums are one of the resources on that portal.

So, yes we could set up a learning list here, but we’d likely be repeating what’s done elsewhere here, or at other websites like The SketchUp Sage.

What is it these lack that a pinned forum link thread would do better ?


In a word, visibility.

I didn’t even know about the Sketchup Sage website. Perhaps I should after so many years of using SU professionally.

The “whole web domain” is certainly something we all use, but it would surely be useful to have a resource centre that is “approved”, either by Trimble or by some kind of Wiki system. It has been pointed out in this forum that some online learning videos actually give poor advice. That’s generally the trouble with the WWW as a resource. You never quite know how good the info is.

Having said all that, i am well aware that people tend to be lazy. It is often easier to ask a question here, however basic, rather than take time searching for an answer. But I guess a way of countering that is to make the info easier to access and more reliable.

Great as SU is, there are a lot of things I have learnt over time that I wish I had known from the beginning, many of them really quite basic and simple. Somehow, I didn’t manage to pick them up from the many very good videos and tutorials I looked at.


One of the problems is that people do not usually come to a forum looking for wikis so they do not notice them.
In my experience people have taught themselves to ignore pinned topics as boring admin stuff, and never read the “About” posts in each category, etc.

Anyway it seems I am constantly pointing people to my Resources topics in threads they’ve starting for the express purpose of asking where such resources are.


Out of interest, who runs the SU Sage site? I can’t find an About page. Is it actually SU sages?


It was Joy last I knew. She uses the online nick @catamountain.
She hasn’t been here in 2 months or posted since Feb.
And yes she is a Sage, and other Sages have contributed as well.


OK, thanks. On her home page under New Stuff, the most recent entry seems to be 5 years old!