Why is the old Learning portal gone?

Problematic URL: https://learn.sketchup.com/

Description of the Issue: Why is the old Learning portal gone ?

It was a nifty but concise one stop place to get links to all the other SketchUp resources.

Then with the launch of Campus you’ve commandeered it to redirect to the Campus listing page. Why could you not use https://campus.sketchup.com instead ? … and add it’s link to the portal page ?

I have posted in these forums and in PMs a multitude of the https://learn.sketchup.com/ URL explaining it is the SketchUp Learning portal. BUT NOW IT IS NOT. Y’all have invalidated posts here in these forums and elsewhere, made previous to the change.

EDIT: In doing a search, it looks like there are a whole bunch more posted URLs since the change that are by members pointing at specific Campus tracks, so it looks like it is too late now.
I’ll have too hunt down all previous uses that were meant to point at a “portal” type page, but the lack of a true portal page means I’ll need to point at https://help.sketchup.com/en (which is a bummer, man!)
EDIT2: And I’ve now done this on the public posts I could find.

Whilst on this subject (“headin’ ya’ off at the pass”) … https://help.sketchup.com/en is not a substitute for a learning / help portal page. As has been explained (and complained) about here (in this category) this page has SEVERE problems.

(1) The “people” graphic is a huge waste of space that pushes the more important “We’ve got answers” section down out of sight. Some users don’t know to scroll down to get at the most important links.

(2) The “We’ve got answers” section header is way too large (space waster.)

(3) The “We’ve got answers” section items (Books,Downloads,Tips, etc.)) are all too large (space wasters.)

(4) Add a new link to the Campus.

(5) Add a link to Development ( https://developer.sketchup.com/en )

ping @jody @jbacus

Please redesign this page so that the most information and links to resources are visible when the page loads without scrolling.


I can see the point in cleaning up among services with overlapping responsibility, and steer new users into just a single place that they more easily remember and can find their way back to. However, this could be done without removing potentially still useful content. For instance the old pages could still exist, but have a header notifying the user there is a new location for learning SketchUp. I haven’t used the old learn.sketchup.com so I can’t really judge its content but speak in more general terms here.

What should be hidden away where it cannot be found is the old SketchUp ruby API examples. There are several examples spread out on the web, including in Extension Warehouse, that shows notoriously bad coding practices like the use of global variables.

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