Sketchup Campus 404 Error

All Sketchup Campus Pages are giving a 404 page cannot be found error. I was on the site last at 11AM CT today, but am now getting an error message on every page, including the home page. Tired multiple devices and browsers with the same results.

This could be a result of a major crash this morning on one of the internet content delivery networks. Many sites, including big ones such as Amazon, Google, and CNN were unreachable. Reportedly it was a mistake while updating their system, not an attack of any sort.

It might be related with the ‘new look’

What is fun is that both could be potentially true, the Fastly crash likely affected us, earlier, but, the better news is that we are indeed up on a new platform (and were switching over this morning)


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Hi Tyson,
I’ve been trying out SketchUp on a free trial and utilising the campus training material which has been great for a beginner like myself so thanks for that!
Since the update the transcripts/ subtitles which accompanied the videos have disappeared. I was wondering if these would permanently be removed as I have hearing difficulties, so these came in useful as I could pause the video and read if I couldn’t pick something up.

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Good question. In moving to the new site, the formatting of the previous captions didn’t work for the new site. I’ve been working on updating those. The good news for that is yes, we will have captions available, unfortunately, it may be a few weeks until the are completely restored. We’ll be updating the Courses as they are ready though.