Sketchup campus not working

Is the sketchup campus website working? I am trying to load the tutorials but I keep getting this message, “Error: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”. Can anybody help? @SketchUp_Moderator

Yes, I get the same error. I can get to the site, and even log in and navigate to courses, but I get errors whenever I try to view any course content anywhere.

The same, I got through the first three lessons of Landscape & Site Design but nothing after that currently works.

Thanks for letting us know, can you please try again? Refresh your page and it should work for you now.

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It’s working now. Thanks @TysonK!

It is still not working for me. I have tried three separate browsers and am still getting the error.

Hmmm, that is frustrating. I’m not sure what to recommend at this point, if you’ve tried multiple browsers, refreshed the site, it should be working. I’ve reset the site twice this morning, which clears out these errors. Please restart Chrome or whatever browser you are using and try again, but I’m sorry, if that’s not working for you, not sure what’s happening.

It works so long as I don’t log in. I cleared my cookies …etc in Chrome and then went back to the website and it works however if I log into Trimble, I then get the error and nothing works. This might help you in debugging. For now I will not log in.

Thanks for the info. Logging in at this point only keeps track of what lessons you’ve watched, so good find that you don’t need to do so to view all the lessons. Good to know, thanks again.

I just created an account and I have this problem now.

We’re seeing the same thing. A work around for now is to sign out before viewing the video.