SketchUp Campus - New learning resource

We’d like to announce a new way to learn SketchUp, the SketchUp Campus. Even with our YouTube videos, Help Center and other resources, we’ve recognized the need for a more structured learning path, and also a way to cater SketchUp learning toward different industries.

Campus is that path, where you’ll find courses and exercise files to grow your expertise and test your knowledge.

You can view videos anonymously, or even better, create or login with your Trimble ID to save your progress for completing each learning Track.

SketchUp Campus is currently in Beta. This means it works well but you still might encounter an occasional error message or broken link. Please let us know here in the forums about any feedback you have. We now have a special category for any Campus related topics.

We hope you’ll find this new resource useful, and look forward to adding more learning Tracks to the Campus library soon. Thanks all!


Excellent idea to combine the best of YouTube and help.

Glad you think so. Keep in mind though, that this is actually completely new content. The videos and courses made for Campus exist nowhere else. It’s part of the sequential nature of them.


I think this has long been a necessity and I welcome it wholeheartedly. Even those of us who are experienced users can learn a new trick or two! I look forward to seeing more tutorials as they begin to delve into the more expert end of things.


This is something that is really needed and long overdue. I will certainly give it a go and wish you all the very best with it.


This is a wonderful idea! I’m currently a Zbrush and Blender user trying to learn a thing or two about architecture. The cost of admission is relatively high for most of the architecture programs and even though I can just model most of this in Zbrush or Blender, I think Sketchup is really fun fast and intuitive, for blocking out a scene. My only problem is with beveling edges and laying out UV’s… Hopefully after watching all these tutorials allot of my questions will be answered. Also, why won’t you consider an Indie license for Pro or a monthly payment plan for a perpetual license?

Post as a new topic and we can give advice on this.

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Agreed. The Campus is starting with general information and will continue to grow to add more specific workflows by discipline. In the meantime, as @GSTUDIOS mentioned, feel free to post questions to the forum for support in your learning process.

Great resources!
I could complete the course, but I want to know which question I errored.

We’re fixing that as your request is shared with others. Soon the quizzes will provide you with immediate feedback as to whether you answered correctly or not.


I have just signed up to your sketchup campus and with the great pleasure I followed two first courses yesterday.
Unfortunately today I have no access to your tutorials ( Ajax error occured) . It seems that you have some coding error in your webpage . When will it be fixed? I have a 31 day trial version of sketchup and I would like to take a benefit of it…
Kasia from France

The team are on holiday at the moment so a response from them directly might take longer than usual. I’m able to log in there just fine today.

Are you using the same login email and by the same method? For instance I log in through Google sign in and not the Trimble option.

EDIT: I see what you mean now, login is available but the courses fail to load individually. There seems to be a problem with the site.

Thanks Kasia,

Are you still seeing an error? Can you share which course/ lesson is failing? I’m trying to reproduce the error and it seems to be working fine for me. It could be a temporary outage with one of the sites we use for hosting, but definitely want to figure out if there are some larger problems.


Thank you Ian for your message . I have already written to your colleague that unfortunately I still have no access to the courses.
Regards, Kasia

Wysłane z Yahoo Mail do iPhone

W niedziela, czerwca 30, 2019, 12:11 PM, Ian via SketchUp Forum napisał(-a):

Hello Tyson,
I am impressed how quickly you respond the mails , even on Sunday !

Unfortunately, even I am logged in I still have no access to the courses . The message : ‘The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later ‘ appears every time when I want to launch the course on Https:// I have no problems with signing in . I’ve tried to launch the course from another computer and it hasn’t worked neither… I hope that it isn’t a huge problem and you could fix it quickly. I am a Polish woman living currently in France and learning from your courses in English is much easier and more pleasant for me that learning from the book written in French… :).

Thank you for your help,



Hello again,
I have forgotten to write that
all courses are not available for me . My partner tried to reach them from his account and he couldn’t launch them neither…

I am located in England and see the same error as Kasia whenever I try to enter any of the courses. “The website encountered an unexpected error”.

@Kasia FWIW I’m not an employee of SketchUp (unfortunately) just a volunteer on this forum. And it might be in your best interest to remove your email address from your previous post. This is an open forum, so anyone browsing the internet can find your email address without logging in to this forum. The SketchUp team are able to private message you via the forum if need be.

Thanks for your insights as well @IanT, interesting to hear that you are seeing the same in Europe at least. I don’t have a great way to test regionally, I’ve tried a VPN set for France and the UK but still don’t see any issues.

I will ask our dev if he’s seeing any issues, unfortunately as it’s the weekend, we may not get any insights until tomorrow, but hopefully will get things up and running for you soon.

Another question, have you tried viewing the videos without logging in at all? You don’t have to log in, you can just close the pop-up window that asks you to. It probably won’t make any difference, but still something to try. What browser are you using and have you tried any others? We do sometimes see differences in how the courses work based on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc…

By the way, cheers on amazing World Cup play across the board!

So far I’ve only tried on Safari being logged in. Interestingly if I logout then I am able to view the tracks.

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