SketchUp Campus - New learning resource


We’d like to announce a new way to learn SketchUp, the SketchUp Campus. Even with our YouTube videos, Help Center and other resources, we’ve recognized the need for a more structured learning path, and also a way to cater SketchUp learning toward different industries.

Campus is that path, where you’ll find courses and exercise files to grow your expertise and test your knowledge.

You can view videos anonymously, or even better, create or login with your Trimble ID to save your progress for completing each learning Track.

SketchUp Campus is currently in Beta. This means it works well but you still might encounter an occasional error message or broken link. Please let us know here in the forums about any feedback you have. We now have a special category for any Campus related topics.

We hope you’ll find this new resource useful, and look forward to adding more learning Tracks to the Campus library soon. Thanks all!

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Excellent idea to combine the best of YouTube and help.


Glad you think so. Keep in mind though, that this is actually completely new content. The videos and courses made for Campus exist nowhere else. It’s part of the sequential nature of them.


I think this has long been a necessity and I welcome it wholeheartedly. Even those of us who are experienced users can learn a new trick or two! I look forward to seeing more tutorials as they begin to delve into the more expert end of things.


This is something that is really needed and long overdue. I will certainly give it a go and wish you all the very best with it.


This is a wonderful idea! I’m currently a Zbrush and Blender user trying to learn a thing or two about architecture. The cost of admission is relatively high for most of the architecture programs and even though I can just model most of this in Zbrush or Blender, I think Sketchup is really fun fast and intuitive, for blocking out a scene. My only problem is with beveling edges and laying out UV’s… Hopefully after watching all these tutorials allot of my questions will be answered. Also, why won’t you consider an Indie license for Pro or a monthly payment plan for a perpetual license?


Post as a new topic and we can give advice on this.

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Agreed. The Campus is starting with general information and will continue to grow to add more specific workflows by discipline. In the meantime, as @GSTUDIOS mentioned, feel free to post questions to the forum for support in your learning process.


Great resources!
I could complete the course, but I want to know which question I errored.


We’re fixing that as your request is shared with others. Soon the quizzes will provide you with immediate feedback as to whether you answered correctly or not.