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Post questions, thoughts and feedback on the site in general here. This is also an area to make suggestions for future classes or features. Campus is meant to grow, with new Tracks and expertise added regularly.

For questions related to a specific Track, post in that topic thread.

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We’ve found a bug with some of the questions. You’ll choose the correct answer but still not get credit for it. We’ll have this fixed soon.

On first login, the you need to login banner is still displayed, until I force reload the page.
This was seen when using Chrome.

Maybe nitpicking but a lot of people outside the US have no idea how many inches there are in a foot, and have no reason whatsoever to know it. Personally I automatically dismissed 30" as an odd value and didn’t notice until writing this that it’s actually the same as 12 * 2,5. Local US measurements isn’t really a SketchUp question.

I’m not really a fan of this phrasing. The layer isn’t a sheet or a box or any other kind of place in the model, but a property of the entity. It’s the the layer that is assigned to the group, not the group that is assigned to the layer. I think this distinction is important to understand how SketchUp layers are different from typical layers.

On Windows autofold is controlled by Alt, and there is no Option key.

One think I really apriciated though is how the time left counter only updates when you go to the next question, not once a second. I can never read text and concentrate properly when something is constantly flashing in the background.


Just took the first quiz:

  1. This question made no sense to me
    To pan with only a mouse you can: … The answer should be use the shortcut H or use the middle button and shift.

  2. In the end you only get the percentage of correct answers, no information on what answers you got wrong

  3. Second quizz video, tried to replay videa but it did not allow me to


You can pan with middle + left mouse button too.


Doesnt work with mine

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Oh no! You told him the answer! Cheaters!! :wink:


Incorrect. Both of these suggestions are using the keyboard.

Is this wording better for you?

“To pan using only the mouse (without the keyboard,) you can:”

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Is it a windows vs mac thing? As on my mac, I can not pan using this method you provided

Editted: apparently i could achieve this only if i press middle mouse move it a little then press the left button. Pressing them together at the same time does not work. Hence why i was having a problem with this

The trick is with the movement…if not moved while orbiting the left button click would not transform into a pan

When you took this quiz, had you watched the navigation video first? You certainly don’t have to, we made the quizzes accessible even without watching the videos but the way this concept was introduced in the video was to orbit first and then press the left mouse button to pan.

All of the questions can be answered correctly without watching the videos, but they are geared toward the videos, so anything brought up in the questions will have been addressed in the videos for that course. If you views the videos for this course and still were confused about this, that’d be good to know.


Follow Me quiz:

“For a circular path, does the number of segments in the circle effect the Follow Me results?”

Should be affect


Thanks Christina,

I fixed the autofold - alt question, I still need to fix this in the video itself.

As for imperial and metric units, I included both types in the video and questions specifically to play nice with international audiences. We have no way to cater the questions to each specific locality, so just had to cast a wide net.

The layer question is similar to some other points you’ve made about the technicalities of unique groups and surfaces vs faces. Technically correct, however for a fundamentals class, and for 99% of how most people use SketchUp, less important and potentially confusing. If you think the lesson on layers is confusing or teaches bad modeling habits, then I definitely want to know that, but I think it addresses the problems we see with layers in SketchUp.

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I like the simple errors, easy to fix.



I can’t speak for Windows, but I get the same effect on my Mac. I have to do a distinctly two-stage action to get pan this way. I never use this “feature” myself because a) I can’t get it without a small orbit that I didn’t really want, and b) on my Mac it is somewhat erratic and fussy to activate.

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Since this is supposed to be a learning environment, I think it is important to give feedback on the answers that the viewer gets wrong. If a question is missed but you are not told which question(s) you got wrong, you can move forward with incorrect assumptions. Bottom line is that getting feedback on your errors is in some cases more important that the answers you got right. I think that is what learning is all about :grin:


I think it would be nice if a small amount of time was spent on the colors panel for the windoze users. the fill and stroke button actions are not mentioned any where that I have found yet.

OK - I am feeling really stupid. I am taking the quiz about Push Pull and twice now have missed 3 questions. I am not new to SU so this is embarrassing. I would like to know which answers I am not getting correct but there is no feedback so I might have to start guessing. :flushed:

OK - Make it 3 times………………:blush::blush::blush:

I really do not see what I am answering wrong!!!


Great comment. What Track or lesson are you referring to and that’s something we might be able to look into adding?

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