Track: Landscape and Site Design

This landscape and site design learning track covers the start-to-finish process of creating a small park model. This allows us to focus on real challenges you face in your work flows, and how you can adapt SketchUp to advanced tasks, especially in landscape design.

The track focuses on specific challenges to exterior modeling, including: working with existing and proposed terrain; optimizing and distributing large amounts of vegetation; and setting up models that can be worked on by more than one person and are easy to revise when needed.

If you have questions or feedback on this Track, please comment in this thread.


I have followed this track and liked it, but eventhough I have completed all courses it stays on In Progress. So, just to let you know, the site is not updating the progress of this track.

Hi @EricEelman This may be due to the fact that we made quizzes optional now and haven’t added quizzes to this track yet. We’ll look into to confirm everything is working properly. Glad you enjoyed the material and thanks for posting.

Hi @eric-s, If there should be quizzes at the end, then I understand that is still stays on In Progress.
I am looking forward to the quizzes (if they are added) in the future,

Just a follow-up on this. We’ve adjusted the settings so tracking your progress should now also mark completion on the courses. I don’t know if this will at retroactively, though my guess is most your lessons will be shown as completed and if you jump into a course it will probably then show as completed. Thanks for the feedback.

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Feel a bit silly asking this, but in Hardscape Grading lesson, how do you copy a line to move it up when making the footpath ramps? If I Copy a line & Paste in Place it merges back with the original line.

Move(m)+Ctrl to copy a line…fool! :roll_eyes:

Haha, all good, happens to the best of us!

It took me years to learn that trick. Glad you’ve got it now!

Just wondering if anyone else had issues with the “CC_DesignBase.dwg” that you import from the reference files. I found lots of gaps in them (seems pretty standard). I used the extensions “Flatten To Plane” & “Edge Tools²” to try to close all edge gaps but I couldn’t get it to fix the gaps. I understand it is good practise to fix but it’s just so frustrating & unproductive use of time. I wish those AutoCAD users would learn to join their line work :wink:

@SJS66 - This same question came up yesterday. The reality is, no matter how well we all draft in CAD, there will ALWAYS be gaps and overlaps due to the way SketchUp converts vector arcs to segments. This ‘CCdesignbase’ plan in particular is challenging due to the many curves and tangent lines.

See this post here: Edge tools not closing gaps

The extensions reviewed in the course will solve the gaps issue. Let me know if you experience any other problems.

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For some reason I’m not getting sound at all.

EDIT: Only on Chrome. Edge works fine.