Track: LayOut Essentials


Even if you’ve used LayOut for a while, you’ll pick up some new insights from this Track. Learn the best methods to work with SketchUp files, how to create a simple document set based on our kitchen example and all about LayOut.


Here’s a direct link to the track for those who may interested in diving into the awesome world of LayOut:


Since I did not answer all of the questions correctly, it would be nice if this track had the same feature that was just added to the Fundamentals track. That is that there was a Review that I could go through before taking the quiz.

I want to say though that what I have seen in this track so far is very good. I look forward to going through the entire track Although I do use LayOut, we have a very fixed format that we use for our documents so far and this is the first really comprehensive info I have see about LayOut. :+1:


HI. This track is very helpful. – In fact, I think I’ll go back and watch the fundamentals as well. The quizzes really help too!
One thing I found is that the parts that are really easy (or maybe I"m just familiar with), are easy to follow along, but other parts that are more complex/tedious are harder to follow along. – Like the specifics of things inside of menus and things that require opening files etc. Once it gets into the model reference, I think it gets a little hard to follow.
Also, on the dimensioning -in the example to show that the dimension is linked to the model by moving the table: Is there a snafu there? Why does the dimension of 3’ to the table not update? Is there a way to snap to the components at the floor? How do you know you are at the right spot? - the green circle? Is there a way the dimension will snap to a component? It looks like the red square is kind of arbitrary. If you need more specific dimensioning is there a way?
Also, how do you quickly go from layout to model and back again? Is there a keyboard shortcut?


What is hard to follow? Specifics?

If the dimension isn’t linked to points in the model at both ends, it won’t update. I suspect you are seeing that. You should see green dots where you click to anchor dimensions. The red square tells you that the dimension isn’t actually anchoring on the model.

It will snap to a point on the component if you put the cursor there and have Object Snap enabled.

SketchUp and LayOut are just different applications. You can tab between them like you would tab between other applications. One hint. Once you’ve sent your SKP file to LayOut, close the model file. If you need to get back into it, right click on the viewport and choose Open with SketchUp. Then when you return to LayOut after saving changes you make in Sketchup, LayOut will automatically update the reference and the viewports.


I mean its harder to follow along - just goes a little fast and its hard to keep up to make sure you know which thing you are clicking on or which drop down menu etc.

I wish it did it this way in the example - had a green dot to select the dims to the table. The video shows it using a red square which makes me worry that it could be off - its a little arbitrary. Can you select the table at the that point on the floor line?

guess I"m a dork - but how do you tab between them like you would between other applications? – I do know about the viewport tip. thanks


Windows is alt+tab, I don’t know if the Mac is the same, try it.


On a Mac there are several ways to jump to another app. You can click on its icon in the dock, and that will “top” its open window or open a new window if the app has no documents open (or click and hold to choose one if it has multiple documents open). You and also press cmd-tab to cycle forward through the list of running apps (or cmd-shift-tab to cycle backward), though that won’t open a new document or pop a minimized window open. And if you hold down cmd-tab you will see a popup in which you can select which app you want, though if the app has no open windows that won’t cause it to open a new one.