Training on Layout

I have been working through the sketchup free course; Layout Essentials. I have a very good working knowledge of SketchUp Pro. The challenges so far appears to be that the online course here is from 2018! Oh, and it is in MAC and I have no background in this system. And while I can typically work past the visual differences, it appears that the course is outdated to the 2023 version (even the dialogue box indicates this as well).

I am the type of learner that does best person to person or in a very recipe like method if working online. I find much of the Layout Essentials tutorial is at a pace that I have to run the video back and forth multiple times to understand even the basic concepts.

I have lost my place within the tutorial and just want to know how to get what I think is a well constructed model to the crucial step of layout.

Beyond the 2018 course on the sketchup site, any suggestions for the next level of learning?

Well, first, layout on mac VS on PC is not that different. but yes, 2018 is getting old I’m told (it’s just 2 years ago, right?) and layout changed a bit since then.

My advice is to check the youtube channel, especially with a quick “layout” search

there are recent videos, older step by step ones, videos about tips and tricks (the 2h live videos often are)

Thank you very much. Will review these options.

Check your PMs.

Good Morning Dave,

Not sure where to find the PMs on the sketchup, but, I would very much appreciate your assistance here to get me to functional level with Layout.


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