Track: LayOut Essentials


Just downloaded the files and started the course. Currently I am at section ‘02 Tools Overview’, to find out the files do not match up with the videos. Can you please upoad the correct files? Thanks.


Hi @Roy_M - I just checked and they appear 99.9% the same file. Some minor differences sometimes occur during the live recording but that should not alter the content or goal of the lesson. I also noticed when I opened up the LayOut file, it did not start on Page 1. Maybe this is your problem. Open up pages sidebar panel and choose ‘1: Selection’. I’ll re-upload the file so that it opens on Page 1 from now on.

Let me know if that fixes your issue. Thanks - Eric


Hi Eric. Thanks for your reply. I completely overlooked the pages tray. Going to get my eyes checked today :blush:


No worries. FYI - I did re-upload the file to start on page 1 as there may be others that get tripped up by the same thing. So thanks for pointing it out.