Track: LayOut Essentials

I’ve been working through ‘layout essentials’, I don’t know what version of layout you used for this tutorial but it differs from layout 2023. Either way, when I try to add people to a scene in layout it won’t stay on the page instead it goes behind the page. I’ve tried ‘arrange’ to bring the people image forward but it’s not working. Can you explain how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

Sounds like you’ve got a layer active below the one the viewport is on. You need to be adding the people on a layer above the one the viewport is on.

Arrange is only for entities on the same layer. It doesn’t work across layers.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @KITKAT …You’re correct in that the course was recorded on an earlier version of LayOut. There have been some changes since then but this particular issue sounds to be what @DaveR has mentioned, and unlike SketchUp, since LayOut is a 2D documentation program, it actually has and respects Layer order. Feel free to upload your file here or to dropbox, drive, etc and share link if this doesn’t solve it for you.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for getting back to me.

I was about to send you the layout file and decided to try placing people once again into the graphic. I didn’t do anything that I hadn’t done before however this time the image placed in place with no issues.

Is there a glitch in the programe possibly? If it happens again I’ll come back ot you but hopefully not!

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Can you tell me how to change a CAD drawing scale size in Layout please?

Select the viewport in LayOut, in the SketchUP Model panel click the Ortho box and then set the scale there.

It’s an AutoCAD drawing I wanted to change the scale of not a SKU Model, thanks.

I understand that! When you insert it as a SketchUp model reference a viewport is generated and you can adjust the scale in the SketchUp Model panel.

Alternatively if don’t import it as a SketchUP reference, it’s a Scaled Drawing. Right click on it and choose Scale or adjust the scale in the Scaled Drawing panel.

It’s a CAD line dwg. The sketchup Viewport is greyed out.

It’s the little Oven CAD Dwg from the tutorial and I’m not using layout 2018, I’m using 2023.

So did you look at the Scaled Drawing panel while it was selected?

Yes I did however it also is ghosted out…

Does this help you…?

Thanks Paul, I followed the directions you provided however I have no idea where to ‘Choose Active’… Would this mean clicking on the image possible? Either way after inserting as DWG selecting Model Space and Importing as a SketchUp Model I turned of the Background in Style, turned on Ortho and selected the scale. I also tried out leaving the Background on in Style, selected Ortho and got the same result.

Can you upload the CAD file to the forum?

Everything looks fine now, thank you; unless there’s another reason you want the CAD file which is on the layout essentials tutorial, ‘Oven CAD DWG’.

How do you edit in Layout and add text to ‘call outs’?

Thank you Paul.