Track announcement: SketchUp for Landscape and Site Design


Hey SketchUp community! We’ve just launched the latest track in SketchUp Campus and this one is aimed directly at you professionals. SketchUp for Landscape Architecture & Site Design was built by a professional landscape designer and deals with complex modeling challenges such as terrain and grading, imported references and heavy vegetation — and even suggestions for how to collaborate on a large model across your entire team.

Courses include:

  1. Creating a Base Model
  2. Terrain & Grading
  3. Materials & Textures
  4. Furnishings & Entourage
  5. Working with Vegetation
  6. Context Modeling
  7. Optimization, Collaboration & Revisions

If you’ve used SketchUp for any length of time, you’ve likely come up against the challenges of working with a site model, and now we’ve got an in-depth guide for you. Take these courses at your own pace and on your schedule. Have a look now.


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