Track announcement: SketchUp for Landscape and Site Design

Can you give me an example of where you’re struggling or what is not up to date? There will always be version changes but the key principles and tools are still the same. For example, add location has added Bing imagery as an option in latest version, but the idea of geo-locating your model and importing terrain and aerial image is the same. Sandbox hasn’t changed. The extensions recommended are all still active and supported.

The more, specifically, I know about what is confusing the better I can help. Cheers.

Thanks for the quick response. As it turns out as I discovered the afternoon while working on the examples in the turorial I think the problem may be that my mouse stops working as it should and I can’t execute the commands. SketchUp slows down and then freezes and becomes completely unresponsive to the mouse and I end up having to Force Quit SketchUp. I think this must be an operating system failure.

Thanks anyway!

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Me gustaría poder seguir este curso, pero los videos estan en ingles. ¿hay alguna posibilidad de poder verlos con subtitulos en castellano o con audio en castellano?

Algunos de nuestros videos tienen subtítulos, desafortunadamente, aún no hemos completado los subtítulos para el curso de paisaje. Lo lamento.

Gracias por la pronta respuesta.

Buscare los que tienen subtítulos, he intentare seguir los que están en ingles.

Gracias de nuevo.

Question -how do I restart the course?

You can choose any lesson you’d like, there are no restrictions on access to the courses. Just start from the beginning