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I am a newbie to Sketchup and I am using the free web version. Is modelling terrain with sketchup free possible? I am trying and failing to find a way to draw a bumpy, grassy slope for a garden design. I have tried to google how to’s which lead me to sketch up forums suggesting using sandbox and smooth tools, none of which I can seem to find in the free Sketchup web browser edition. Is this only possible with the pro version or is there a way I should be able to do this?


Does this help?


The Sandbox tools haven’t been added to Sketchup Free as yet.

Sandbox From Scratch tool / Sandbox toolbar

Not surprising since they’re implemented as an extension - and Sketchup Free can’t (yet) use extensions.


You can draw low poly grassy terrain, then smooth the edges.

For example:

Draw a grid

Raise/Lower points & texture

Smooth edges & add vegetation and stuff from the 3D Warehouse

Note: SketchUp Free crashed about 5 times while making this model, but SketchUp Make rarely crashes.

There are more tools in SketchUp Make & Pro to make terrain, such as Sandbox & other extensions like Artisan Organic Toolset.


Thank you for sharing your approach on how to do this. It seems like I’m best to download SketchUp Make (even if it is being phased out sadly) and take it from there. I appreciate all your help.


Good to know I’m not going mad at least. Thanks.


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