How to model rolling terrain? Free version?

I need to model some terrain for a project I’m proposing for a local kids park at one of our schools. Hoping to not have to drop big cash for Pro version if possible.

I saw this topic from 18mo ago and am hoping there have been some advancements or additional options:

Thank you!

That was really creative. Thank you. My use-case needs require a bit more dynamic terrain. Some areas flat, some are a large depressed area, some are somewhat rolling. I might be stuck with just pulling on edges and smoothing them out.

While potentially time consuming depending on the level of detail in your park’s terrain… you can mimic SketchUp Pro’s Sandbox Tools by just manually connecting, or triangulating, the end points of each contour:


Sick. I think this will work man. Seeing how you use the smooth edges stuff was super helpful. I don’t have an insane amount of variation so extra work would be ok I think.

Question…instead of drawing in the angles to create slope, would it be good to just “lift” certain lines/edges/points and then smooth those?

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Yes you could do that. Be aware though that it won’t give you quite as accurate of a ‘TIN’ (Triangulated Irregular Network) mesh as manually doing it. Maybe a combo approach is best there you ‘move’ the areas up, then patch as needed using the line tool. Good luck!

Also, if you or someone from your team has a .EDU email address, you can get a discounted pro version. That or, if you post your park model with info of what you need done, someone here may be nice enough to contour it for you :wink:

That’s very much what I did years ago in Alias Upfront…very similar to SketchUp but it didn’t have sandbox tools either. I did a few site models that way time consuming as it was.

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I hear ya. To me it’s not that bad. Took about 5 mins so double the area = 10 and so on. Its strangely therapeutic to just repeat a mindless process over and over again. A nice break from actually having to use my brain for work :stuck_out_tongue:

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