Modelling landscape areas

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I have been asked to model this:

What process do you/would you use to model the landscaped area. Not something I’ve really done before so not really sure how to start the process…

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If you have a cad file you can create the terrain out of the level lines using sandbox or toposhaper. If you don’t have a file you can draw the level lines and move them on the Z axis, or set the distance between lines if you use toposhaper.

You can use Inkscape to trace the image and Steve you some time instead of drawing the level lines in case you don’t have the cad file.

Do you have to model just the terrain or even the entire plant including the trucks?

If you have the cad file you can share it and I could make a video showing you how to make it using sandbox and toposhaper.

I’m trying to get the cad file… I will be modelling the entire arrangement. I’ve been doing it for the company for a while, but the last job was all flat…Ha…

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Here’s the cad file of the topo layer…
platform topo.dwg (1.0 MB)

Looks like nice clean topography to work with. SketchUp’s native Sandbox tools should be able to do the job just fine. If you’re brand new to working with topography, check out some helpful lessons in our free SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design course over at SketchUp Campus - specifically the chapter on grading and terrain.

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It took me some time to fix the contour lines, There were a lot of overlapping lines and all the lines were at the same level and they had an inclination, also some lines connecting the contours I had to erase, watching the dwg I found out that the distance between every contour line was 10cm, I used vertex tools to flatten all the lines then I tried with Toposhaper to generate the terrain by telling it the distance between the contours but I had some weird results, I had to move on the z axis 10cm all the contours. The second terrain I didn’t fix it, but you can do it by watching how i fixed the other one. I generated two meshes, one made with toposhaper and the other one with sandbox, Toposhaper created a better mesh.
Topo.skp (6.9 MB)

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Thanks for the help…