How to create 3d model map with exact heights

Trying to create 3D Map of the race course.
I need exact model with exact heights and exact borders, like on screen

Ho to make it with the simplest way? Thank you!

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What do you actually need to model, topography, infrastructure, assets? What is the end purpose for your model?You could engage surveyors with lidar. The engineers who did the job originally (I think it’s not that old) will have all the survey information. Without this “on the ground” information what ever you do won’t be exact. To get approximate distances you could use the measuring devices in Google Earth.

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I need a model of this track with heights and depth to see slopes and climbs (they are very insignificant).
I have enough information from Google Earth

How to make contour lines not for all aream only for race?

Have you tried if what you get from the Geolocation feature in SketchUp is enough for your needs? It gives you the 3D terrain based on the service provider’s database.

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SketchUp contour lines

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You can get from the Geolocation feature in SketchUp. Like this.

Untitled.skp (781.5 KB)

Yes, i need only contour of the race object, i don’t need full area. I can create lines only on rectangular map, but how to make it only on red area and make it separate? Elevation is only 12m on 1200m long, so it will looks almost flat

Create the contour lines like you see in the previous video tutorial

Delete all that exceeds the border line


Thank you very much for your help!

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Hello, Community.
It is possible to push/pull landscape?
I need to pull this map to create flat base.
How ot make it? I have Slicer5, but i can’t mak it

With Fredo6 JointPushPull plugin

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Is there some kind of detailed course on creating landscape in Sketchup (maybe paid) or there is more suitable software?

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This is SketchUp’s official course on Landscape / Site Design. Specific to your needs is Course 2, Terrain & Grading.

Thank you, i will research this course. But i need something deep, i think. I need to to work with geo-terrain model and i really stuck with it. Few years ago i have made quality interiors and object modeling, but today i need to create terrain with geolocation including elevation (simple) and i can’t even create quality terrain, can’t insert some objects, roads…etc. into this terrain. Surface has a lot of roughnes, andit alway “torn” in some places…

This depends on what you understand exactly by “quality terrain” - you can use the TopoShaper plugin -

You could use DropGC or Skatter

Instant Road Nui

Use Artisan

For more advanced techniques, you can follow tutorials for other programs like Blender, 3DS Max, Mudbox, 3D Coat, Gaea, etc … and then, the terrains created can be imported into SketchUp, using Transmutr, Skimp or Meshlab.


A lot of thanks for your detailed answer. I’ll imediatly begin to leran this materia!l

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You can try, which will provide you with approximate terrain. If you tell us exactly what you intend to do, we can make better suggestions.cadmapper-cheltenham-england-gb.skp (1.5 MB)

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This is almost what i need!
But a little of map is missed. I’m trying to create the same on but i ca’nt receive this result with elevation. buildings roads (please see srceen what i have)… How did you get it?
And how i can draw it with google map texture to draw all elements like roads, hurdles, trees and etc…?
thank you!

In, Road Geometry, set “mesh surfaces” 16, 8 , 8 , 8… Change color of layers and set “color by layer.”
The easiest way to add the smallest details (streets, paths, trees and buildings …) is to draw over the google image in Autocad.
Always use tree blocks in Autocad. Because they will become components in Sketchup.
Draw the edges of the paths so that in Sketchup you can do FACES. With faces, use sandbox “drape” command to project the paths on the terrain surface.
I’ve done it a few times and the result has always been good.