Creating terrain from site survey

I’m after an advise please on best way for creating a terracing from a site survey. I’m a designer and working on a project which located on top of the hill but when I created terrain from the survey they contours are barely changing and comparing to photos are very flat. Could I maybe import terrain from google map? Never used that option before but maybe it will give more accurate contours. Would be grateful for any advice

In what form is the site survey? How is it presented?

Not from Google Maps, their terms of service don’t allow it. You could use SketchUp’s Geo Location option but I wouldn’t expect the terrain data to be high res. It might give you a general idea of the terrain.

If you got a survey by a surveyor then it’s probably correct. You’ve probably transferred the information to SketchUp improperly. With more information (files ?) about what you got and what you did, someone may be able to help.

I’ve got a DWG file but when I import it into the model it looses the most of the level data. I imported the survey as an image and tries to use sand box. But once the terrain created and I drop the house in place it doesn’t really look how it should . Is there maybe a ways of Sketchup reading the DWG data and creating terrain?

Post the survey if you can. From what you have written, one inference is that you have received a 2D Cad file. Before applying the sanbox from contours tool, you would then have to move the contours up to their proper 3D heights. Or is it a 2D file with spot heights as text entities?

F2621 - T.dwg (111.1 KB)

Would be very grateful for the opinion. I’ve been wrecking my brain over it and running out of time for the model presentation

Looks like it’s a 2D CAD file with spot heights as text. Can you get a 3D .dwg file?

Bah. I am 150 miles from home where I have an old AutoLisp application I wrote that draws a vertical line at the location of all these texts with the length as denoted in them. That could have helped if you have AutoCad to run it. The Sandbox from Contours tool can then be used to put a surface on top.

Thank you so much for all your help! I’ve got AutoCAD and unfortunately I can’t get hold of any other files so I have to work with what I’ve got. Do you think I should just adjust levels by hand and be happy with it knowing that I’ve done all that’s possible

I had posted my Lisp before, in

(instructions in a couple of posts down)

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Thank you so much! I will try it. Thank you again

If it were me, I’d ask the surveyor to resend you the dwg with contours at elevation. The liability of modifying survey information should you make a mistake, is not something you want.