Trying to create terrain from survey file (.dwg), contour lines import at their actual elevation. How can I change this?

When importing my site survey .dwg file, the contour lines are appx. 6500’ “up in the air”, while the rest of the drawing is on the correct plane. The contour lines are appearing at their correct elevation, but making things difficult for me.
Because I have no other CAD package, I can’t remove or edit this geometry before importing.
The goal is to use Sandbox to create my terrain before beginning modeling.
Any ideas?

So the only problem is the contours are in the wrong position? You can’t just move them back down? Is “the rest of the drawing” some 2d layout? This is common except usually what I see is the civil drawings use a local base reference --though since I live near sea level I might not know the difference!

How about grouping the contours and moving them straight down to the ground level?

You can do this by…

  1. Selecting only the contour elements and make them a group. With the group selected…

  2. With the move tool, single click on any part of the lowest contour and then lock the Z direction with the UP arrow key. Now the selected group will only move in the Z direction.

  3. Now zoom to the ground elements and touch the still active moved tool onto any ground element and finish the group move with a second click.

Now your elevation is at ground level.


There is a plugin called align endpoints, you can move the contours to z=0…

Problem solved.
It was the grouping/exploding that was throwing me off. My PC was chugging along with no indication of a task in progress.
A little patience was all I needed.
I now have terrain from contours with the 2D image projected on it.
Thanks for the help, folks!