Site Topography, contour lines and terrain setup for 3D model

I have set up my geo location with google earth, inserted it have toggle terrain on. I created the contour lines unsing intersect faces method and used sandbox to map the site terrain. How can I get this into cad so I can use it as my terrain to build my 3d model on.
I have a site survey pdf with the contours and spot points, but I dont know how to convert this to an x.y.z or txt file to import into my model, so i was trying to use sketch up to get around that?
any ideas or methods would be helpful. thanks

Without seeing your file, it’s difficult to understand what your pdf shows that you are trying to get into your SU model. Seems like both have contour lines, for example.

AFAIK, there is no simple/cheap way of creating a vector file from a raster pdf.

hi, the pdf is a raster file, i saved it as a dwg to.

when i import it to autocad i’m not sure how to keep the x,y,z coordinates?
terrain.skp (1.0 MB)

2dsitevector.dwg (761.0 KB)

I see. Your DWG is 2D and you want to bring the 3D info from SU into it. Right?

If so, why? Wouldn’t it be better to do the opposite? It would be easy to import the DWG into SU.

I presume the contour lines you created in SU are at the same vertical intervals as those in AC? Even if they are, you are likely to find a mismatch. I believe the contour lines will be much more jagged when taken from a Google Terrain map.

is there a way to save a 3d dwg of this terrain map i created in SU?

if I import the dwg to SU, i will still get the same end result (pretty close, I dont really need it to be exact), but them Im still stuck witht the terrain map in SU format. :confused:

export as 3D dxf/dwg…

3D_terrain.dwg (915.3 KB)

does this work?


yes that did export at 3d thanks

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