How to create 3d model map with exact heights

Thank you very much! It is useful. I will use it in future.

But now i need to create landscape from zero.
I have created area from Sandbox contours (1)
Now i want to draw elements on it - roads, hurdles, trees, etc.

  1. How to “paint” area with elevations with Goole Map texture? I have result on screen with #3, because it is not flat. I need this to redraw objects with it position
  2. How to draw objects with current position to use it with sandbox Stamp tool and Drape tool on this not flat model?

Learn about “Projected texture”

and about what Eric recommended to you

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You could check out importing the OSM (Open Street Map) data as well. It should give you most road centre line strings & building footprints but not the heights, or check out PlaceMaker plugin if the data exists for the project area. Otherwise, check out Houdini (SideFX) but good luck learning that beast. Awesome program though, bring it into Unreal or Unity & make a racetrack that you can actually race cars around with everything procedural. HDA’s are so cool.

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Have you checked the actual accuracy of Google earth terrain heights… I would never consider then EXACT… my understanding they can be +/- 3m of more…