How to create a site in slope


I am trying to create a site in slope for master plan, have got 20 residential buildings, what is the best way to create a slope site, thank you

You did not tell us what reference information is being used, if any. If topographic data is available, you can easily convert the info into an SU model using Sandbox tools or one of the plug ins that modify contours.

Alternatively, you may want to use a cad file to import contours into SketchUp and apply the Push-Pull tool to arrange them in the proper relative order based on an established contour interval. Google Earth is a great source of data to accomplish this task as well.

Much info to help learn the process can be found online. Understanding how to perform this task in the “best” way requires an investment of a little time and patience. Refer to the following resources:

Also review these videos for additional information:


Many Thanks @jvleearchitects