Sketchup Topography

Hi Guys

I have recieved a quite large 2d autoCad site survey with spot levels and contour lines of a large gadren/ Site. I am looking the easiest and quickest way to make a accurate model of the topography that can be easily manipulated.


Fredo TopoShaper

I think my problem is transfering the 2d cad file into sketchup. It will be a flat surface. Can toposhaper create these lines of contour from a flat surface?

Just look at the video to get an idea or search YouTube for more detailed tutorials about Fredo TopoShaper

Elevate Contours Extension for SketchUp - YouTube - there’s an extension called ‘Elevate Contours’ - not sure if that’s in @mihai.s video or not.


Yes it is possible, you can set the distance between level lines, with toposhaper then click every line and it will automatically move it to the correct position on the z axis. If you don’t have toposhaper you can do it manually, selecting the lines and moving them on the z axis until all the lines you have are separated the distance you need. It’s easier and faster using toposhaper obviously.