Need help with terraining

Need help to make a grassy hill from this

im asking for help to make this grassy section a smoother in order to make smaller hill that would fit inside a garden.
im trying to pretty much to make this hell from a 2d drawing of this blobiy, organic form.

for my attempt
I tried using the sandbox tool for it and i use the shape to make a group and use the Drape tool to put the organic shape i have into the terrain mesh under it and for a second it does appear in it right after i click on the drape tool.

but the moment i try to use the smoove tool or any tool for that matter the mesh immediately disappears and i lose any ability to change the organic mesh like i want

also even if i do manage to use the drape tool in curious if i can make it into a hill like i intend to ?

unfortunately i can’t use more than image per post.

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

Your profile says you are using the Free Plan but it doesn’t have the Sandbox Tools so clearly your profile is incorrect. Please fix it.

It looks like you’re using the sandbox incorrectly. You must select the contours and sandbox will generate a mesh out of it. On the image you shared, you have a terrain already but it’s made by creating faces out of the contours and extruding them. If you want a more organic shape, delete the faces of your terrain and select just the contours then use the first tool of sandbox.

There’s also a plugin called toposhaper, I prefer to create terrains with it, the mesh it generates is a lot better imo.

Toposhaper makes some adjustments though. I’ve found it does not accurately follow detailed topography perfectly (some high and low points above and below contours). It’s certainly smoother and looks a lot better, but not exactly maintaining the contours gets a big no from me.

I should clarify my experience with toposhaper was from several years back. I’m sure it’s been improved over the years.

It depends on the amount of geometry you choose to generate the mesh, the default value generates big quads and it can be inaccurate, but if you increase the quads count it will generate a better and smoother mesh.