Grading terrain in SketchUp live with Eric!

Eric, aka The Lord of Landscape, will be tackling grading in SketchUp this week! Learn some amazing tips and tricks and workflows in this live stream! Join us on YouTube!

2022-01-06T19:00:00Z on YouTube!


This one is going to be HUGE. You don’t want to miss it! :wink:


Thank you, Eric!

:wink: of course! Hope to see you there.

It’s set to notify me when it starts (9pm) :wink:

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, Gonna be good!

I just noticed the posted date, Is this today? Or was it last year?


Thanks, Eric!

About retaining wall, with Curic Extend, Fredo JPP and Solid Inspector

// edit 3

Actually, JPP is not necessary, just move the wall up with the Move tool.

// edit 2

and if you want the top face to have both long sides at the same level

easy way


Thanks Eric & Donovan. That was a great session with lots of useful information not just for grading but for plenty of other SketchUp uses.

Of course you figured out a simple solution @mihai.s! - will have to use that next time I do a complex grading project (which I hope is never). JK.

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Thanks @keggification for the feedback as always!

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Grading projects are interesting. :wink:

I added in the previous post the method for the top of the wall ‘horizontally’.

Thank you again for the Live stream about landscape! I hope you will continue the series with other such topics.

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Good Day - I was away on holiday and missed this one. Would someone be able to point me to a video web link (assuming it has been recorded?) Thanks in advance!

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Me too. I had a work related meeting that took precedence.

Yes. All of our Live Streams are posted a few mins after the session ends to our YouTube channel under the ‘LIVE’ section - Hope to see you at the next one :wink:

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Pesky work. Getting in the way from doing cool things in SketchUp :stuck_out_tongue:

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Brilliant thanks Eric!


Josef Goding

Best not to put your contact info in public posts. I just gets harvested by bots for spam.

Would have considered attending this one live but for some reason I only receive the SU Summary notices many days late.

Just note every Friday at noon Mountain Time in case the notification from YouTube doesn’t make it :+1: