My Sketchup Work

First time posting an example of the work that I have created.

Drawings created for a Building Regulations submission, using Sketchup Pro 2018, Skalp, and Layout.


Nice work man!
Your timber X needs to be realigned though :slight_smile:
I tend to just draw those on in Sketchup or Layout to prevent that issue.

Hi @benoldays

Thank you

I’m assuming you mean where I’ve caught the stud with the section plane? Yeah, I ummmm’d and ahhhhh’d about that but it was where I needed the section. I did think of moving the stud slightly but decided to leave it. It does bug me a little and I’ll probably change it. Just my luck that a stud falls where I don’t want it to be.


Very nice sir. I use a similar toolset and perspective skalp sections are an excellent way of communicating the construction in relation to the spatial design.

Yes, I have the same thing. Always do my timber X’s in LO

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The other option I have is to create another section, slightly to one side, and then overlay this portion in Layout, by using a Clipping Frame.

Nice job
Just proves what can be done in LO

Excellent work! Nice mix of both orthographic and perspective view together for clarity of intent.

Thank you @paulcroft and @RTCool

Much appreciated.

Yeah, I do love using Sketchup and Layout. I find Sketchup so intuitive. Love Skalp as well. I saw another post where someone asked if Skalp was dead. I really hope not.

My only slightly minor gripe is I wish Layout was as quick as Sketchup.


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Yes to all of that. I also sincerely hope skalp is not dead.
I’m thinking Trimble may have bought it.