Help DaveR!

Help @DaveR !!! You are my only hope. I have a deadline Monday. If I upload my SketchUp file can you set up scenes, and then open in LayOut?

I can also send you my Logo, maybe you can make me a titleblock and a template. Then when you get the model setup and the Layout sheets done I need floor plans and sections fully dimensioned. And if you can maybe a few renders in vRay for the cover page.


But in all seriousness - you are an incredible human @DaveR - patient and kind and generous with your time. Thanks for making this place a good place for people to come and solve problems and learn about Sketchup. Hopefully people learn from you - and more importantly pass their knowledge on when someone else needs help - much like you do.


@DaveR can help you only when hes finished my tank.

I was just thinking about DaveR several times today out of nowhere with great fondness because I have learned a lot of SketchUp from him, which has had a positive impact on my life. I have never met him in person, and he doesnt know me. Yet, he has basically answered 90% of my SketchUp questions, for free and in high quality. Ive had a few similar experiences on other forums that are about technical stuff where there is this one guy who knows everything and always gives you great answers that allow you to progress. And that made me think about the type of guy who makes society run. I am afraid that this type of guy is dying out and society will go downhill from there.

Therefore, please Dave, make more babies!


Thank you all. Thats very kind of you.

@halodri, sorry if it disappoints you but Im not likely to make more babies at this point in my life. Im hoping to get the one Ive got to fly the nest soon. :wink:


When they fly the nest, the problem is they sometimes go too far away.

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Your kind generosity and helpful spirit over the years epitomize all the best aspects of this Forum. Thank you for patiently helping me and many others when we ask our typical bone head questions.
I think SketchUp/Trimble should create a new title/category just for you (and maybe a few others) something like Super Sage or The Big Kahuna would be most appropriate!
Keep up the good works!

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In our office whenever we encounter SketchUp modeling issues more often than not someone would ask What would Dave do?. Weve also coined a term davepurate: a take-off from depurate, a verb meaning to make or become free from impurities this from his repeated advice of making sure SU models are correctly modelled with no reversed faces, extraneous entities or unnecessary components.

@DaveR thank you so much for your patience, sage advice and willingness to help all comers to SketchUp. Best regards.



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Thank you all. So kind of you.


I havent used SU for some time now though in the past DaveR has always been unbelievably helpful. So many times he has helped me over the years. He sounds like such an interesting, intelligent and kind man on so many levels and I would have loved the opportunity to meet him in person. Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen now though I can only hope one day it may be possible. Thanks Dave!

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Echoing what others have said about Daves kindnesses and willingness to help. Thank you from PIA :grin:

How lovely that @DaveR is getting a big round of applause! Dave, you are The Man! The Big Kahuna and just an all round great guy! I add my thanks to you for all the help you have given me. xxx

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Well, I for one believe all this lavish and gushing praise is actually coming from a bunch of Daves other accounts. :disguised_face:

I have also noticed that @DaveR never sleeps. We are at widely different time zones, and whenever I look at the forum, he has already managed to solve the problem.

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