Kickstarter by two former SketchUp guys!


Here is a cool Kickstarter project from a couple of former SketchUp guys who helped make SketchUp great. I supported them, you should too! It’s not SketchUp related (other than the creative heads behind it) but I thought it was Corner Bar worthy to share. Good luck Aidan and Scott!


Link to the campaign


Cool idea! Good Luck guys.


Matt - clicking on that link I get an extra http:// at the END of the url. So try this link:


i teach sketchup to my daughter (8)… or, at least have her become familiar with it… (she’s mostly into the rectangle tool and push/pull… and the warehouse of course :wink: )

i never really thought about getting her into coding though another parent mentioned a coding for kids place in the village the other day which seemed pretty cool.
seeing similar again, i can see the advantages of getting her into something like this… especially if her brain ends up being of similar nature as my own which seems to be happening so far.

great ideas fellas

on a near completely unrelated note, i live about 200yds from the new kickstarter headquarters… sweet space they got there.