SketchUp Live from the Barber Shop!

Join us at Noon (MDT) today as we model a barbershop… or at the very least, a cool antique barber chair!

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Going to be looking at something new during today’s stream!


I’ll be interested to see how you get on with that Aaron. I’ve worn the labels off some of the keys on my keyboard and my mouse has no feet anymore. Wondering if it’s time for new hardware.

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Sorry, wasn’t able to join for the live stream — but the SU keypad looks interesting. How did you find working with it?

You can buy the exact same mini keyboard with programmable buttons already. Is there some difference in the kickstarter apart from the sticky labels?

I couldn’t find that keyboard. It’s curious they showed it with a PC laptop, the style of it is exactly like an Apple Magic Trackpad.

I don’t know that I will use it much, but I did back the project. Supporting anything SketchUp specific seems like a good thing to do.

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One example.

I may have jumped the gun on the keys being Programmable, but I have a similar BT Numpad calculator on which I can reprogram the keys.

It does seem to be identical. If it is the same keyboard with stickers that you’re effectively paying $30 for, it doesn’t seem to be against Kickstarter rules.

Might be custom buttons, not stickers, and some custom programming.

But looking at the button that show, would you really find it useful as it is?

I don’t have room on my desk for another interface device.

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It doesn’t even seem to have follow me on it. Designed from the getting started toolbar perhaps.

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We provide stickers:(MacOS and Windows):

Few lucky ones got them at 3D Basecamp 2018…
But we do organise 3D Basecamp 2019 (locally)

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Ah, nice, not often you see a proper Australian keyboard.


I knew you are awake at this time😃

Edit: managed to rotate with ‘Q’

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I took a photo of the one Aaron used, and it certainly seems to have nicely printed buttons, and not just stickers.

I use shortcuts and have a few shortcuts applied on my additional mouse buttons, but this little gadget looks awesome! :grinning:

Haha I need those socks! Is there a SketchUp-merchandise shop out there somewhere?

I’m the person who created the SketchPad. I figured out an ideal key layout and contacted the manufacturer of a highly-rated keypad and had them completely reprogram it; custom for SketchUp. This includes compound commands and 2nd key functionality. Through a lot of negotiation, I got them to make the key labels full-color, through a UV printing process. This keypad will have custom packaging and instructions, as well. This customization work comes at a price.

I found some good improvements to make to the production model, based on Aaron’s testing. I’m going to add an Alt/Opt key and magenta down arrow. The 2nd key will now be a toggle that switches off when you hit enter after inputting dimensions. There are a few keys (save, undo,redo) that will need both PC and Mac commands sent when pressed. I’m gong to use the stock icons for all of the buttons and include stickers for all functions (including “follow me”) so that users can customize their SketchPads a bit, if desired.

My minimum order quantity with the manufacturer is 500 units and I need to sell at least a hundred just to break even. I’m not expecting to make much money from this project, but I just really enjoy creating things and sharing my creations with the world. I really hope that I can get this project funded, so that everyone that wants a SketchPad can have one. If this is successful, I have a couple more inventions that I want to create next.