Make keyboard shortcuts visible to me

I’d like to use keyboard shortcuts for switching between tools. As when editing a model, I need to constantly pan, zoom and orbit. Doing this with keyboard shortcuts is much faster & more convenient, I look at the piece from different angles, and keep focused on the editing.

The problem is that I keep forgetting the shortcuts, or never learned them, and looking it up in the online help is even bigger an interruption.

Why couldn’t you show them in the instructor, or better yet, right next to the tool button? Maybe have handy toggle button (with a shortcut of course) to show/hide the shortcut labels, so that you could easily look up the commands while editing?

+1 from me to the request I saw here, for having 2-letter shortcuts. Shift + ctrl are abstract, hard to remember which was for what.

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You should be using the center mouse wheel for Zoom, Orbit, and Pan. That will be faster than using keyboard shortcuts. And for the rest, you can see the assigned keyboard shortcuts in the menus.

You could also use a plugin to generate a list you can print out and keep handy. Use Ctrl, Shift, and Alt as modified keys is very powerful since you can let your left hand hover over them.

Only you can do something about actually learning them. Nothing SketchUp can do will make up for you practicing using them. Turn off the toolbars and force yourself to learn them.

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You can use this like this…

And most of the often used shortcuts are easy to remember: ©ircle, (a)rc, (l)ine, ®ectangle, …


Here is the SketchUp Quick Reference Card page with both links for PC and Mac:

Nope…no shortcut keys for me :frowning:

Repair the installation by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator and then Repair.

Is it installed on Windows, Mac or it’s on linux through WINE?
EDIT to ask for more information:

  • Resolution
  • Scale
  • Other programs shows the kb shortcuts?

Related to the kb shortcuts I add this funny thing :slight_smile:

Nothing SketchUp can do will make up for you practicing using them.

No, the “nothing” what was I asked for in the original post. All I’m saying is that it would make learning faster & easier, if I could see the shortcuts, without opening a menu & memorizing the shortcut. Let alone searching + downloading + printing + taping a reference card.

How hard could it be to show e.g. letter “R” next to an icon on a button? Is it somehow very different from showing the letter on a menu item?

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Yes. Because the icon is an image file. It would be easy enough to edit the image file to add the text although it would be very small and hard to read. But the user can change the shortcut key strokes. Then the text on the button would be invalid.

There are some tools that will generate a list of keyboard shortcuts. You could print the list and keep it next to your computer.

Well OK then, you’d need to have 2 text fields on a button. Maybe that is highly advanced, though editing 3D models and all that sounds more complicated to me.

Printing those on a piece of paper, aside from being impractical, sounds kind of old-fashioned too… imagine there were no dimension tools in Sketchup, and then you’d get a tip saying you should print your model & draw the arrows and numbers with a pencil :wink:

I’m only suggesting that if you want to know what your keyboard shortcuts are now, there are options. If printing them out on a piece of paper is too old-fashioned for you, make an electronic sticky note and put it on your second display. Or you can wait to learn them when and if they put keyboard shortcuts on the icons.

It could possibly be added in the tool tip

Remove the tools from the toolbars to force yourself to learn the shortcuts.

I wonder how large a toolbar icon would have to be to make text readable when the keyboard shortcut is something like Ctrl+Shift+F8?

Yes. Thanks

That’d be nice.

C+S+F8 ? I’m sure a good UI designer could figure out a way to show it. Personally I think I’d do with just 1 letter shortcuts, and dig out the rest thru buttons & menus.

Well thanks for the tips. After reading part of the “No more new features” thread above, I think I can understand the resistance towards feature requests better. I’m sure it’s a good application once you learn it.

The “No More New Features” thread was started by someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on. Every version of SketchUp has had new features.added. There isn’t resistance to adding new features but they need to make sense for a large portion of the user base and they need to fit with the core philosophy.

New users seem to make the most feature requests without first learning how to use the tools that are already available.


Shortcut in tooltip

Showing shortcuts in tooltips for toolbars, as well as in the menu, has been suggested multiple times. Adding the shortvut in the instructor could also be useful but could be a bit tricky to implement given the instructor shows static HTML files while SU allows users to change the shortcuts. Showing all shortcuts directly in the toolbar would take up way too much space and look very cluttered.


Actually not much different. The MS GUI framework that SketchUp uses, allows this but the implementation is bugged.

To see the bug, first put the toolbars into editmode by opening the View > Toolbars… edit dialog.
Once the toolbars are in editmode, each toolbar button has a context edit menu available (which is not accessible when in normal application mode.)
Choosing the “Button Appearance…” item on the context menu will bring up a dialog to customize the button.

(Pardon my dark charcoal theme)


If you choose to display “Image and Text” and if the text was not hardset to the command name, you could edit it to make it the shortcut.

In my example, I was editing the Orbit button, and attempted to set the button text to “O” but SketchUp keeps resetting it to “Orbit”.

So either a bug report or a Feature Request is in order.

ADD: I think that there has already been a FR to add the shortcuts to the tooltip popups.

It is beautiful! How are you achieving this?

The SketchUcation Toolset which you get when installing this:
Includes a tool in its menu to make a list of your Shortcuts…
Membership is free [if you desire] - read the Register page…

It is also available as a separate tool - but the combined toolset is recommended.

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Off-Topic: Dark system theme on MS Windows (click to expand) ...

I achieve my scheme via manual settings in Windows 7.

Start Menu > Control Panel > Personalization

Then I chose a High Contrast Scheme, and modified it to suit my taste.
To modify I click the “Window Color” link below the theme display box.

(You can search Windows Help forums and sites for more information on customizing your Windows system theme.)

TIG, or DaveR - I am deeply interested in the shortcut dilemma, especially being able to print out a map. The links to the Sketchucation area do not seem to lead to a valid page? Can you re-check that link for me/us? I’m a registered member there, but several different search queries yields no results for shortcuts.

I occasionally forget the keyboard customizations I employ, and then have to go back through and scroll the massive list in the preferences.

As a feature request, I’d love to see SKP employ something similar to Adobe’s Photoshop or InDesign. They create sub-sets of shortcuts based upon toolbars vs menus, and its much easier to drill to the exact one you are looking for. Then you can save the set customization as a separate file.

Asa new user, It will only let me put 2 links in the post, so I’ve stripped out the