SketchUp Pro keyboard shortcut stickers (Mac)

I haven’t used SketchUp in a handful of years and recently downloaded the app to get back into 3D modelling again. As it turns out, I managed to forget all keyboard shortcuts except push/pull and pan :sweat_smile: — so I’m thinking of making shortcut stickers for my keyboard.

Below is a visual representation I made of (most of) the default shortcuts for SketchUp Pro on Mac. I mapped the shortcuts from the Quick Reference Card and the Mac menu bar.

What are some of your most valuable key combinations? Any tips on obvious hotkeys (tools or commands) that could be added to the default ones?

I would like to keep the default ones as they are, and add other useful shortcuts. For example, I was thinking of adding:

[Shift] + [G] for “Explode” as shown in this thread
(however, out of habit I’m actually pressing [Cmd] + [Shift] + [G], which is the standard “Ungroup” in other apps. As you might know Cmd can’t be used in user-defined shortcuts, but SketchUp luckily seems to ignore that I’m also pressing Cmd)

[Shift] + [V] for “Paste in Place”
(even though I’m pressing [Cmd] + [Shift] + [V] out of habit)

[D] for “Dimensions”

[X] for “X-ray”

The commands marked in black are tool-specific.

Be aware than some key chords aren’t allowed by the Mac OS.

Also you might want to reconsider using X as a keyboard shortcut since it is used for creating arrays with Move and Rotate.

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I suspect if you had 50 people responding they would all have their own sets. So much depends on the kind of drawing you do and what you consider important. But here are some of the shortcuts I use:

W - Move (although it is more logical to keep the default M key, I find using it with the Option key to invoke Move-Copy is easier if the two are accessible with just my left hand)

Shift I - Paste in Place

Shift P - toggle between perspective and parallel camera

Command S - Save

Command A - Select All

Option Z - delete guides

G - Make Component

A - Make Group

Shift X - Toggle X-ray

Shift H - Hide rest of model

D - Draw line

B - Paint Bucket

S - Scale

X - Push/pull

T - Tape measure

Q - Protractor

I have forgotten which of these are default. Sometimes I re-assign keys just to make them quicker to access.

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Same here. I remapped so many of the most used tools that I have no idea what the defaults would be. The benefit is that I pretty much never have to click on a tool while working, let alone have a single one taking up space on the screen.

Thank you @simoncbevans, your custom shortcuts gave me some ideas!