Keyboard shortcut customization is severely lacking. Any tips?

Hello all,
I just purchased a Sketchup Pro Desktop license. I have used different Sketchup verions often in years past. Last time was 2018. The speed that I was able to work at was all based on keyboard chortcuts (ie: ⌘+⇧+G)

My issue with the latest version is that I cannot customize my keyboard shortcuts beyond 2 characters. I seem to remember being able to use
ALT, COMMAND, SHIFT, plus a letter all on one shortcut. Am I missing something? The goal is to be able to use more than two characters in one keyboard shortcut rather than the allotted 2.

Does anyone know if legacy versions are better at handling this? Based on youtube videos, it looks like this feature is much more robust. Sketchup, what happened?

You can combine multiple modifiers in a shortcut, but not the command key. It is reserved for macOS functions and menu items that are compiled into SketchUp. Stick to ctrl,alt, and shift.


? i have no issue like that, plus i can make 4 characters (SketchUp studio 2023)

…on Windows operating system.
The above users are using a Mac. :wink: