SketchUp 2023.1: Shortcuts using SHIFT + number are no longer working

Hello everyone! In previous versions of SketchUp, I had set up some keyboard shortcuts like shift+1 and shift+2. However, after updating, they stopped working. I tried reconfiguring them, but to no avail. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the shortcuts on the numeric keypad aren’t functioning either. Has anyone experienced something similar or have a solution?

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Hi, I’ve experienced the same issue. I would love it to work as it did…

I unfortunately don’t have the solution. Thank you for posting.

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There is a long discussion about this elsewhere. I added a reply:

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Thank you, Colin. It’s great to hear that you guys are already on it. I appreciate your efforts and will patiently wait for the fix.

Do y’all have an ETA for the Shift+Fix?

Not yet, and when I do know a date I won’t be able to tell you, unfortunately.

There will be a day when I tell you it’s ready now.


The newest version 2023.1.340 - shortcuts have not been fixed!
Still the issues with SHIFT+… keyboard shortcuts that do not work at all!

My problem with SU2023 pro might be about the same. If I select an object in the outliner, no key-related functions work; Delete-key do not work, Ctrl+c do not work, Ctrl+v do not work. If I select the object with the select tool in the model, there is no problem (except the clutter in a large model). My SU2022 pro works fine in this aspect, and I’m seriously considering switching back.