SketchUp V23.1.329 - Many Keyboard Shortcuts Not Functioning


I believe the SKP developers are already aware of this issue. In the previous update, I had access to several shortcuts that are no longer functioning after updating to the latest version, V23.1.329.

I’ve noticed that all numerical shortcuts (1, 2, 3, etc.) and some characters like “.”, and “”" are not functioning as expected. However, certain characters such as ], , and = are still working correctly.

I heavily rely on the “Shift + number” shortcuts, which have been very helpful for my workflow. I’m wondering when this issue is expected to be resolved. If the SKP team doesn’t have immediate plans to address it, I may need to explore alternative methods to continue my work.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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It’s a known issue as I commented in your other post a few days ago.

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Thank you very much for this update.
It’s good to see that SKP team is fixing it.

@colin THANK YOU, SketchUp Team!
I just updated to Version 23.1.340 this morning. I’m delighted that all my keyboard shortcuts have already returned!

These shortcuts are essential for me and greatly boost my work efficiency:

  • Rotate 90 (I still think it better and faster than SketchUp new flip)
  • Convert to construction line
  • 2-point perspective

SKP Shortcut Back 2