Sketchup For Web: keyboard shortcuts no longer working?

Seems like this morning, keyboard shortcuts (“O” for orbit, “T” for tape, etc.) aren’t working. Have to go to side menu for each tool change. “Enter” won’t work for measurements. Keyboard, Other apps, system seem to be working OK. Recent system reboot for other reasons. Mouse OK. Re-installed Sketchup for Web (and downloaded app). No help.


What browser? They are all working for me. Try resetting shortcuts. Search for ‘Reset’.

Screenshot - 7_13_2022 , 6_20_50 AM

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I do see shortcuts fail sometimes. I haven’t yet figured out the combination of actions needed to make it happen. If you notice what you did before and after the shortcuts stopped working, let me know.

It happens to me too sometimes. Mostly when I get a notificasion that my google chrome needs to be updated. And then restart a fresh SketchUp Web (free) and shortcuts will work fine.

@tensigeka , ‘Resetting Shortcuts’ will force you to create custom shortcuts all over again.
Updating or otherwise will keep them available when things get updated/restored again.
I try to avoid ‘Reset Shortcuts’ and somehow get my shortcuts back as described above (for my chromebook!)

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Yes. I know that.

Yes, I know that too, sorry.
I meant to notify @tensigeka instead of you.

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