Shortcut keys not working

hi everyone im having trouble getting shortcut keys to work im pretty new but I was using the programme on a desktop and ws getting familiar with shortcuts now I have brought myself a laptop to learn further now the keys aint working ive watched video and all people do is click the letter in relation to the tool but mine isn’t doing what its suppose to and is making things slow and stressful im sure its probably something simple any advise would be greatly appreciated

Which version are you referring to? The web-based version? Your profile is confusing as SketchUp 2020 is a desktop version which doesn’t match your indicated license type and you posted in the desktop Sketchup category.

Assuming you are using the web-based SketchUp Free, which browser are you using?

hi its all confusing to me haha yes sketchup free and with windows browser I think im really not that in the know with computers but I brought this laptop purposely for sketchup. once I get the hang more ill upgrade to a paid version

Try using Chrome.

Are you referring to the desktop version?

BTW, I changed to the correct category.

problem solved with chrome thanks mate

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