Sketch up web (shop) shortcut keys not working

Sketch up shortcut keys not working. Please help.

What browser are you using? There have been reported issues with Edge. Try Chrome or Firefox.

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I am using Edge… I’ll download another browser and see if that helps. I really appreciate the help :pray:t3:

Good luck. Keep an eye out for Edge updates, too. Microsoft frequently updates it and changes things. It was one of their changes that broke the shortcuts. The SketchUp folks are working on a fix but I wouldn’t be surprised if Edge changes again in the meantime.

You’re a genius! It’s working great now, thank you. :pray:t3::pray:t3:

Good deal. I can’t claim any geniusness for this one. OThere are a number of threads on the same topic in the last week. I happened to remember them. :wink:

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