Sketchup web losing keyboard input

Good day and thank you for reading.

I use my keybord shortcuts quite exensively but regularly Sketchup web would seem not to react to any keyboard inputs and I would have to reload the page to use keyboards again.

What browser are you using? Probably a case of the browser not passing the keyboard inputs as shortcuts.

Hello DaveR. Chrome

You might try updating Chrome. I had notification yesterday of a new version of Chrome.

OK let me try that. Doubt its going to work but lets see

its up to date apprently

I saw this happen yesterday, on a Chromebook. Didn’t get a chance to investigate it, but the symptom was that all keyboard shortcuts stopped working.

@CaseyG If you’re able to do so, try SketchUp on the Chromebook that Z was using.

Actually, never mind, I think his was a MacBook. You could try his machine next Saturday to see if shortcuts are working again.

Yes i happens quite often. Nothing really much help other than waiting

have been sketching for an hour now and had to restart the browser about 15 times already due to keyboard inputs not working

Are you using a wireless kb and mouse?

I have witnessed this, and it happens with the built in keyboard and trackpad on Mac. I imagine it can happen with built in keyboard on Windows as well.

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No, using Razer keyboard and game pad

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