Version 23.1.304: Another Minor Issue with the "Numeric Input Field"

Hello SKP Team,

I’m so happy that the latest version 23.1.304 has successfully resolved the issue of number and special character keyboard shortcuts not working.

I’ve come across another minor bug with numeric input field"
When I use the shortcut for “Perspective View,” a character appears in the numeric input field at the bottom right of the screen. It’s a bit inconvenient as I need to remove it before entering numbers.

Similarly, the same problem with the “Circle” command. In my case, I use ‘C’ as the shortcut, but the letter ‘C’ appears in the numeric input field, requiring me to delete it before proceeding.

I hope this issue can be addressed in the next update.
Thank you once again for your ongoing efforts.


You will see that other people have commented on this already. I have been letting colleagues know about the issue.

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