Some bugs found in sketchup pro 2023.1.340

Sketchup 2023.1.340 has some bugs. When I type shortcut of field of view, I get sortcut command written and entering value does not change. To change, you have to press backspace and enter the value. This is not a problem in older sketchup versions.

This is a known issue and has been reported previously.

Now we can’t say in the next update that this bug will not come in the next update…

I have no idea. @colin may know.


The Z key was thought to be fixed. I already reported that the C key appears in the entry field. I added links to the bug report, to point to this post and the other post about the F and A keys also appearing.

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There were 2 issues with it.

One was fixed but the “z” still gets put into the “Focal Length” VCB field in the latest 2023.1.3 release.

I think you had said somewhere else that the VCB was fixed in an internal build so that “30.00 deg.” properly appears in the value box for the focal length.

It is possible I was seeing the Z case fixed in a build later than the 23.1.340 one. If I check now in the release build, it looks like Z, A, C, and custom ones I’m sure, still all appear in the entry field.

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How has this not been fixed? Devs are really showing their competency here.

Agreed, really hoping we get a fix for all of the bugs in the current version 2023.1.340 before (or in concurrence with) a 2024 release!