Problems in the 2023.1.3 update

Hi, is this the forum to report latest version bugs?
If not please help me find correct forum.

Sketchup version 23.1.340


  1. Cannot rename a scene. Normally right click a scene tab and choose rename- That is NOT working. You cannot see what you’re typing.

  2. Orbit and Pan became difficult

  3. SNAPS disappeared, especially when creating a line or arch- you cannot see a dot indicating that it is snapping somewhere. Same goes with tape measure or anything that you need to point something. But I noticed it more in arc and line creation.

  4. Ctrl+S to save is not working- wow, this one behaves as if you as using Save As. It will always ask or prompt for a folder location before saving.

  5. (Not a bug, just subjective opinion) Visually, the new Icons are not nice, not very intuitive looking.

I will keep you posted if I find out more. I hope the developers can see this and create a new fixed update soon. Thanks!

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I moved your post here, to be its own topic. Where you had placed it was Known Issues, which is meant for issues that we know about and want to tell people to watch out for those issues. Your post is about issues that we don’t know about!

I tried some of the things you mentioned, and don’t see anything going wrong. Could you make screen recordings showing the problems happening?

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