CRASHING ALL THE TIME without any pattern. MacBook Pro M2 12 core 64gb RAM 14.5 running Ventura 13.2.1

Continuing the discussion from Problems in the 2023.1.3 update:

I am having MAJOR ISSUES with Sketch up crashing all the time. I have perhaps one of the most powerful M2 MacBook pros 64gb M2Max 14,5 running Ventura 13.2.1, with 12 core. It seems to crash without any typical pattern and I am losing valuable work now.
Someone lease help!
Ive sent numerous bug splats and comments through crash reports and have not had any luck with anyone responding.

Have you installed a plugin recently? I have an M1 Max MacBook Pro and I’m not having any issues with sketchup and Ventura.

Thank you! Yes I installed a few plugins perhaps I’ll delete and start again. Could also be version issues with Ventura? Ive seen some topics around removing a plist file. Do you have much knowledge on that?

Thank you for sending the 10 bugplats in. One thing I can see from them all is that you’re on the previous version of SketchUp 2023. There were some crashing issues fixed in the later update. It would be worth trying the new one:

9 of your bugsplats were the same, the one from 6 days ago is different. In the new one something seemed to go wrong with the initializing of Enscape. It may be worth reinstalling their software.

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right now we’re at 13,6,3 - not sure if it’s related, but in addition to updating sketchup 23 to the latest version, doing the same for ventura could help.

plus reinstalling enscape as Colin says off course.

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Thanks Colin.
I reinstalled Sketch Up and ditched Enscape. Seems fine so far! Appreciate the info!


@ateliernab m…Will try the Ventura upgrade too and report back in case other users could do with any feedback. Cheers for the heads up!

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