Sketchup 2023 crashing repeatedly

I am desperately trying to get a project done on Sketchup and it is repeatedly crashing. I was wondering if I could please get some help? I am on Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.1. I have uninstalled Sketchup a few XS and tried reinstalling and keeps crashing. :frowning:

There have been a number of reports of this. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2022. Is that still correct? In any case at this point in time even SketchUp 2023 doesn’t support Sonoma. That doesn’t mean it won’t work but it might not work. I expect it depends on the exact configuration of your computer.

It would probably be best to roll the OS back for the time being.

I have not been on the forum for awhile so my profile must need to be updated. I am on 2023.

Yes. It does need to be updated.

And as I wrote, even 2023 doesn’t support Sonoma, at least yet. Generally it’s not a great idea to update the operating system until the applications you need to run support that OS version.

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you should keep an eye on this thread, it’s about su 22, you’re SU23, but it might be related as you have similar symptoms.

when it crashes, 3 situations :

  • do you get a bugsplat ? if so, do you send it properly ? (so colin can look at it and maybe see the problem)
  • if no bugsplat, do you get an apple crash message ? if so, you might need to copy it in a text document and provide it.
  • nothing ? nothing is not good, it means neither sketchup nor macos see this as a crash.