Sketchup 2022 Crashes on MacBook Pro SOS!

For some reason, Sketchup 2022 is crashing; MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.0. I did Download 2023 but I don’t know how to populate i.e. License etc. Thanks
Question: It would be Great if Sketchup had Phone Support for them to Dial Into the computer and assist with the trouble

There are some threads about it on this forum.

Not even sketchup 2023 has support for Sonoma, you should never update the OS without verifying that all the programs you use support the newer OS. MacOS Sonoma was released a few days ago so the developers could probably make it a bit more stable but only sketchup 2024 will be fully supported on Sonoma. The only solution is to go back to Ventura or Monterey if you are using sketchup 2022, if you don’t want to have crashes.

Do you know the specs of your MacBook? Does it have an intel or an apple processor?

I can’t find any bugsplat reports from you, or any SketchUp products. At least not using the email you use in the forum.

If you previously were using 2022 by having a subscription, you use 2023 in the same way. Sign in with the email address that has the subscription.