Sketchup Pro 2018 on Mac OS Sonoma

Dear All,
Have anyone tried to run Sketchup Pro 2018 on Mac OS Sonoma?
Does it worked?

Best regards.

Not even sketchup 2023 is running well on Sonoma, there are some users that have a lot of random crashes, sketchup 2022 is worse, I wouldn’t expect to have a good experience with sketchup 2018 running on Sonoma, but you can try to do it anyways.

I’ve just wondered if there is anyone tried doing that from Sketchup Team in case to answer such a question to old school boys like me.

The problem that crashes 2023 occasionally, and 2022 frequently, seems not to be crashing in 2018.

In general I find older versions of SketchUp have more trouble with later macOS, but 2018 seems to be working as well in Sonoma as it did in Ventura, or even Monterey.

I have 2018 Pro on Monterey and it works just fine.

Thank you Colin. :+1:

SketchUp development is now chaotic with more or less unstable versions.
I have other applications which do not pose this problem and which respect Apple’s guidelines.