Constant crashing SketchUp 2022 on Mac

Hello, I recently purchased a new Imac which is running Sonoma. I am having constant issues with SketchUp crashing everytime I try to use it. Can someone please assist me. I have sent several blugsplat reports. Many thanks Emma

Sonoma is not yet officially supported by SketchUp. There are lots of reports here on the forum of SU crashing on Sonoma. Rolling back the OS is an option some have taken, others claim to have it running OK. It’s not clear why. Whenever 2024 gets released it might support Sonoma but that release date or any specific info are not released by Trimble.

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From what Colin (SU employee) has told us, 2023 is more stable than 2022 on Sonoma. *
also, crashes tend to happen after a save