Sketchup 2022 crashes in mac Sonoma

Hello everybody.
I hope someone4 can help me. I upgraded me MacBook Pro to Sonoma. Now, I have been experiencing crashes. Out of nowhere, Sketchup crashes for no reason what so ever ever. I do not understand why. this is been going on since I upgraded the OS to Sonoma. Using Ventura I never had any issues. I submitted bug report but I have not heard from anybody. What can I do?

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Sonoma is not supported by SketchUp, so you may not hear anything back.

If Sonoma doesn’t work and Ventura did… use Ventura.

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totally agree with Adam.

learned something a long time ago. Never, ever upgrade an OS in the first 6 months if your projects and business depend on that computer.

Note that SketchUp 2022 will almost certainly never support Sonoma.

Not even sketchup 2023 has support for Sonoma.

Thank you all!!!
I knew that I should not have upgraded to the latest version of the OS, but I thought that Apple would have tested its OS with Sketchup.m I think that I will do my best to revert back to Ventura.
Once again
THAK YOU, you guys are terrific!!!

Not meaning to disagree with anything said, but…

I have been using and testing SketchUp, including older versions, in Sonoma for many months now. That doesn’t mean we’re going to back and mark old versions as supported. Hopefully we will mark the next major update as supported!

In the meantime, I haven’t seen any crashes that only happen on Sonoma. If you have steps that always crash for you, I would like to try to reproduce the steps.

There is a very good chance that whatever problem you’ve seen would also affect Ventura.

I couldn’t find any bugsplat reports from you. If you are able to make SketchUp crash now, make sure to send in a bugsplat, with your details, so I can track it down.


You should never update the OS on the first days after it’s release, there are usually bugs that are fixed with later updates, I always update Mac OS on January after some releases and fixes, it’s a lot more stable and usually sketchup has support for the new MacOS by then.

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Hello Colin, Thank you for looking into my problem. I just got a BugSlash, so I reported it and it gave me a “Crash # 268707.” I hope this can help.

Hi, I just thought I would add that I also got random SketchUp crashes on sonoma, and everything slowed down, so have gone back to Ventura. But I suspect that it might be linked to sonoma making google drive have a melt down, they are definitely not working well together, and the flow on lack of memory for anything else including SketchUp.

Apple is said to be releasing MacOS Sonoma 14.1 later this month (October). If you have any concerns about stability issues with your critical applications, I would suggest you hold off on updating until at the very least 14.1 becomes available.

Not sure if it’s Sonoma specific, but I had zero crashes prior to updating to Sonoma. And now SketchUp crashes a few times a day since the update.
A couple recent Crash numbers from BugSplat:
Crash #269263
Crash #269977

Mine also Crash on Random Occurs, sometime without me doing anything. (leave the Mac and comeback with Bugsplat!)
Here’s my Bugsplat Report - Crash #270180

Sketchup 2022 crashing 17 times in 2 hours with Sonoma. Regular modelling nothing out of the ordinary
Sometimes when i’m just browsing the internet with sketch up not actively being used.
Crash #270243

According to your profile, you are using SketchUp 2020. Even version 2023 is not supported by Sonoma

Even version 2023 is not supported by Sonoma

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Thats why you should never update the OS the same day that it´s released, the timing isn’t the same between a new MacOS and SketchUp version, support for newer OS´s are usually released with the next version of SketchUp, in this case SketchUp 2024, some times Trimble releases an update to make SketchUp run better on the most recent MacOS, but full support probably only with sketchup 2024.

I can see something that is in common with some of the crashes people have sent in. I am checking with colleagues to see if that is significant.

Sorry updated my profile (use SketchuUp 2022 at the moment).
So that’s it then? No SketchUp version is supported by Sonoma, and if you updated to Sonoma ya just gotta wait and hope it eventually is supported?
And according to @colin it is supported (at least in SketchUp 2023).

I was saying that older SketchUp seems to work in Sonoma. SketchUp won’t state that a version is supported until the next major update after a macOS update.

For the crash that a couple of you had, I found out more about that. The same issue could happen in Ventura as well, and something was done a while ago to try to reduce the chances of a problem. That change won’t be in 2022, you would need to use the current 2023.1 to benefit from that fix.

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Installing a new OS without checking for the compatibility of your softwares is like going swimming in an unsupervised beach.
Sure, for most people, it will be fine. but if you have an accident, it’s on you.

it’s basic computer stuff, before any massive upgrade like an OS or the whole machine, check if your main softwares are 100% compatible. Then, either upgrade anyway and be ready to pay the price, or wait for all your softwares to be fully supported.

So yeah, either cross your fingers in hope that you dont get instability, or rollback to Ventura.

As Colin said, no red flags on Sonoma from the dev team, but still, SU23 wasn’t designed with sonoma in mind, so it won’t get a seal of support for it. You’ll have to wait for SU24 for the “officially supporting sonoma” version.