Sketchup 2022 crashes in mac Sonoma

It’s been this way for years, the developers can’t make a software compatible with an OS that they don’t even know it’s going to exist, MacOS versions are announced usually the first day of the WWDC in June, and released on October or November, the developers can work from the release of the beta version to make the current version run a bit more stable, but as Colin said full support will be given only with the next major update, that means sketchup 2024.
Is there a reason you need to use the latest MacOS? Otherwise you can go back to Ventura and save yourself some headaches.

same problem here: Sketchup Pro 2022 is crashing every couple of minutes in Sonoma.

Did you read the thread? Not even sketchup 2023 has support for Sonoma.

If you get a bugsplat, can you send it in, so I can compare your crash with other ones?

There is a crash we know about involving editor materials and using the eyedropper tool, but that also crashes on Ventura.

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I have the same problem, ever since updating to Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81). Sketchup 2022 crashes on me every 3 minutes, I can not even work properly. Is there some kind of work around? It seems updating to Sketchup 2023 would have the same problem — what to do?


I’ll just quote from previous messages in this thread.

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I am skeptical about the Sonoma not supported, therefore it crashes arguments. Sonoma won’t be listed as support for a while yet, but it does seem to work ok, even in some older versions of SketchUp.

My thinking is that anything that shows a problem in Sonoma will also go wrong with Monterey, given exactly the same steps.

Can you see if there is particular steps you do that lead to a crash?

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Nothing particular really at all. It just crashes within 1-3 minutes, even if I just have it sit open on the desktop not doing anything. I tried and disabled all extensions, which did not help.

Do you have auto save enabled? If you do, and change the time down to 1 minute, does a crash happen sooner?

Sure I can do that but what a terrible environment to work in. :frowning:

It’s just to test

The point was that if crashing happens sooner with auto save set to be shorter, it may be the auto save that is causing the crash. Th auto save files are saved into a particular location, if that folder is having some issues, the save may be failing.

Hello @colin. Apple care updated my OS to Sonoma to solve a technical issue and because I’m using Sketchup 2022, it is crashing every 3 minutes. (for your info, I’m using a mac book pro with an Apple M1 chip). For many reasons, I’d like to avoid downgrading my OS to Monterey or Ventura. You were saying some older versions of Sketchup seemed to be working properly on Sonoma. Could you tell which ones please so I can try to use one of them ? Sketchup 2021, 2020, sooner?

I do half of my testing of SketchUp under Sonoma, though in my case I’m using 14.2, and so may have some Apple fixes that have helped.

I did just get an M3, which also has 14.2 on it, but I didn’t yet try SketchUp 2023 on it. I will give that a go, and see if I get any crashes.

If you wanted to try an older version, it might as well be 2022. That way it’s M1 native, and won’t have some of the 2023 changes that could be upsetting Sonoma.

Thanks Colin. Im’ on Sonoma 14.0, could try to upgrade to 14.2. My Sketchup is already 2022 but as I said, is crashing a lot on Sonoma 14.0, like every 3 min. I had understod you were saying that older version of Sketchup were running ok on Sonoma. Am I right ? In that case, what versions, any guess?

I looked at some of the crash reports, and many of them show under Monterey as well. I’m hoping that the issues are not Sonoma specific.

But, I can imagine file permissions related changes making Sonoma behave differently to Monterey. My tests in 14.2 didn’t give me any problems. But my underlying idea may have some value.

Could any of you having predictable crashing send me a message (click my avatar and send me a message)? I could get you to do one or two tests.

a few recent chrashes

Very difficult to find a pattern. Seems random. Sometimes it crashes when I change app which are already open, when I switch to Photos for example.

Also, would you mind answering my question Colin : should I try downgrading Sketchup to version anterior to 2022? have you seen Sonoma work properly with Sketchup 2021 for example, or not?

I don’t think that could help much, there’s no version with support for MacOS Sonoma, you can try installing an older version but the only thing you can do to stop the crashes is to go back to Ventura, which is the only version that sketchup 2023 has support for.

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If it can help anyone, before rolling back to Ventura (and bring my computer to Apple because you can’t do it by yourself when you’ve got 1st gen of Apple M1 chip they’ve told me), I switched to Sketchup 2023 and I’ve experienced 10 less crashings than with Sketchup 2022. I’ll stay like this for a while before deciding to roll back to Ventura or not. But it is definitly BETTER

Is it possible to run SketchUp under the Rosetta emulator until the issue is fixed in a future release?