Is SketchUp 2023 working on macOS Sonoma?

Hi Everyone!

Is anybody using macOS Sonoma beta with SketchUp? Any reports of bugs or incompatibility? I’ve been searching online but I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for your responses.

It’s on the developer preview that has been released hasn’t it? The public beta isn’t available yet, so I don’t know how many people will brave such a risky move.
Sonoma is down for release in October and the normally there is a SketchUp feature update once a year in Jan/Feb (and a point release mid year) so we might not see official compatibility until SU2024

I just had to downgrade my iPhone from 17 as I was feeling funky - but it broke NFC payments for me.

Is there a reason you need to use the newest MacOS? It isn’t available to public yet. Im sure sketchup will run on Sonoma but it won’t be officially supported until an update or a new version is released.

Two things you can be fairly certain about: Apple isn’t going to test whether SketchUp runs on Sonoma, and even if Trimble is testing SketchUp on Sonoma they won’t release a supported compatible version until sometime after Sonoma is released.

This sounds about right.

For what it’s worth, I am running SketchUp ok on Sonoma. That doesn’t mean that it will be mentioned as a supported OS in updates that happen between now and when Sonoma is released. At least I am set up already for testing when Apple do release the final version.


We just updated and it’s not great. Screen flashes, random crashing, opens some model but not others. Plugins don’t really work either. Sent an email to SketchUp support and got the usual “Please check our system requirements” response. Everything else on the update is great, but definitely need a fix for SketchUp.

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Sketchup 2023 doesn’t support Sonoma, Sonoma hasn’t been released to the public yet, I guess that maybe some bugs will be fixed but full support probably with sketchup 2024. It was the same case for sketchup 2022 and Monterey.

was about to update, then thought oooo, better check with the SU oracles, glad I did! I cannot have SU not working. Email, OK, but SU no way!


don’t upgrade to a BETA OS unless you’re a developer willing to test their stuff, or you desperately need this os for a very specific tool.

I’ll go further, when Sonoma is released later this year, still don’t upgrade. wait for ALL your softwares to be officially 100% supporting and compatible. If it takes 3 month, then good, wait 3 months. besides, by then, apple will have released 2-3 updates fixing a lot of small things.

I know it’s the new normal for developers to test their stuff in public open betas, and in some cases where the product is ready, it’s ok.
but as soon as the poo hits the fan blades, it’s chaos all around.
With a software, you can simply uninstall and reinstall. With an OS, it often requires a clean wipe and a reinstall.

So, unless you’re a developer, or you know how to do a clean install of Ventura from a clone backup you made, please, PLEASE everyone, don’t upgrade to sonoma’s beta.

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I can only hope for my own sanity that this years Apple OS update is less drastic than Ventura , which caused havoc across the board.

and that SU either releases a 23.1 or 23.2 shortly after sonora. Or that SU24 arrives early, not in march :smiley:

but who are we kidding, we’re on for a few months of answering “well first of all, you’re using SU23 in sonoma yet sonoma is not officially supported…”

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This happens every year because MacOS and SketchUp updates are not synchronized and Apple has a bad habit of changing things deep down in the system that break apps. Although there are usually people at Trimble who try out MacOS during its beta, until a final version is released the developers can’t promise that SketchUp will work. And even then there are often specific situations that nobody has tried yet.

All good reasons why I try to stay about a year behind OS updates, until all the kinks are worked out. I’m still running SketchUp 22 and Montery, and it’s rock solid.

I am still waiting on switching to Win 11 for the same reasons.


I was doing the same until covid. Then, I started giving remote classes, and since most people have the last OS + the trial version when doing a 5 days course, I kinda have to be able to do tech support.
Same with Win11, it came with the laptop, I would have preferred win10.

Mac OS starts being properly stable around x.3 in general, all the kinks ironed out. final release is usually x.6 - released shortly before the next one.
luck is, Sketchup is released just before or right after mac os x.3 these last few years :slight_smile: stable software on a stable os

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macOS Sonoma Public Release is tomorrow. Anybody have the latest SU installed still having issues?

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Anyone have an update since it’s been released now?

SketchUp isn’t supported and may not be until the next major update -if you have issues you are on your own you are relying on community support only.

There are generally a lot of complaints about Sonoma with Macs getting hotter and bits and pieces not working - you are always better waiting unless there is a specific thing you need and you are tech savvy enough to solve issues that may arise by going early


my point still stand. unless sonoma is releasing a feature you desperately need, a matter of life or death, no rush. And not just because of SU. Usually mac os release start being really stable at .2 or .3

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Apple is said to be releasing MacOS Sonoma 14.1 later this month (October). If you have any concerns about stability issues with your critical applications, I would suggest you hold off on updating until at the very least 14.1 becomes available.